About Us

Carolynn Capps

Carolynn is a Co-Founder and CEO of She Designs Dental Studio. Carolynn began her dental career in 1993 as a ceramist at a small family-owned dental laboratory in Tampa, Florida. Carolynn received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Governor’s University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of South Florida. She is a recipient of the National Association of Dental Laboratories pillar scholarship award and a graduate of NADL University. Her dedication, passion, perseverance, and work ethic throughout her career has lead her to receive her Certificate in Dental Technology in Ceramics in 2009. She has a vast knowledge of the dental laboratory industry and her work experiences include; Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance as well as International Technical and Clinical Consulting and Quality Control. She has a passion for encouraging and empowering women by creating, facilitating, and amplifying the voices of women in our industry.  She is a Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Grammie to two grandsons, River and Judah. She enjoys wine, hiking, traveling, and exploring new cultures.

Vicki Thomas

Vicki Thomas is a Co-Founder and President of She Designs Dental Studio.  Vicki has been in the dental industry since 1996 and became a lab owner in 2009.  Her time in the industry has been focused on creating beautiful smiles with attention to the smallest of details.  Vicki’s passion in the industry is creating strong lasting partnerships with her clients and focusing on giving the patient outstanding esthetic results.  Collaborating with top technicians and dentists in the industry allows her to combine her passions and talents to increase overall productivity, elevate teams, and will bring unmatched positivity to all those around her.  Vicki is currently pursuing the highly respected AACD certification, which only a small percentage of technicians achieve.  Her daughter Ashlyn is her best friend as well as her motivation to continue empowering women and shares Vicki’s love of all things Pink.